The Leatherby Libraries is pleased to announce that Chapman University has joined a three-year read-and-publish agreement with Cambridge University Press. In addition to providing Chapman University access to over 300 additional Cambridge journals, this agreement allows Chapman-affiliated authors to publish their articles Open Access in many Cambridge journals at no cost to themselves.

This agreement covers the Article Processing Charges (APCs) (i.e. Open Access publication fees) for Chapman authors whose research articles are accepted for publication in applicable Cambridge journals during the three year agreement.

To be eligible, articles must:

To learn more about how to publish your article open access in a Cambridge University Press journal, please see our new guide on Free Open Access Publishing Opportunities for Chapman Authors. This guide will collate instructions for free open access publishing in Cambridge journals, as well as any future similar deals we may enter with other publishers.

To read any of the 300+ new Cambridge journals to which we’ve gained access through this agreement, please search for either the journal title or the publisher in the Journal A-Z List on the Leatherby Libraries website.

Please contact the Coordinator of Scholarly Communications & Electronic Resources, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at with any questions.