The Leatherby Libraries is pleased to offer a new text and data mining tool to the Chapman Community: TDM Studio from ProQuest.

TDM Studio offers two pathways for Chapman faculty, students, and staff to perform text and data mining:

  • The Visualizations tool is intended for users of all levels and helps them mine content from our ProQuest resources to create data visualizations without extensive coding knowledge. It contains prebuilt Geographic Analysis, Topic Modeling, and Sentiment Analysis visualizations to explore supported analysis methodologies and allows users to manage five projects of up to 10,000 documents each.
  • The Workbench allows for more in-depth analysis for users with more extensive coding experience to use their coding methodologies. It allows users to create 10 datasets of up to 2,000,000 documents each by searching ProQuest publication titles or database names and access the development environment through Jupyter Notebook.

How to Access TDM Studio:

To use TDM Studio, users must create an account using their Chapman email address. This will grant users access to the Visualizations tool. However, to gain access to Workbench, users must make an additional request through this form.

For more information on using TDM and its different tools, please see the ProQuest library research guide.

For any questions, please contact Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, Chair of Resources & Scholarly Communications, at