The Leatherby Libraries is pleased to offer expanded coverage to the IEEE-Wiley and MIT Press Ebooks through the IEEE Electronic Library database. This purchase of the IEEE-Wiley 2012-2023 and the MIT Press Ebooks 2020-2023 collections brings our holdings up to date and expands our coverage of significant engineering and science content. The IEEE-Wiley also contains the IEEE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) journals and conference proceedings.

This link will provide a direct link to our Ebook holdings, or enter IEEE Electronic Library and select Browse > Books in the top left header bar. If browsing, please remember that titles from other publishers may appear in the search interface but are unavailable through our subscriptions. Individual records for each of these Ebooks will be added to the library catalog and the Start Your Search interface to make it simpler for users to identify and access available titles.

Please contact the Chair of Resources & Scholarly Communications, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at for any questions.