As the school year begins, the Leatherby Libraries is pleased to announce the installation of  “Acceptance,” a new exhibit comprised of a collection of photographs by Chapman University lecturer Bernie Dickson.

During Dickson’s time in social isolation with her family, she was inspired to maintain a photographic journal of her family’s experience. As the family navigated their isolation from the world, they found empathy and love to be the path towards accepting their new normal. This acceptance mirrored the families’ acceptance of the role of Autism in the lives of their sons.

Dickson discovered that while, at first glance, an unexpected situation may seem limited and isolating, approaching that situation with compassion and empathy can cause individuals to thrive through acceptance. Bernie is committed to advocating for a more inclusive world that understands and celebrates the perspectives of Autistic individuals. The goal of acceptance is to encourage society to look at neurodivergent individuals as trailblazers in a world that celebrates their value and contributions.

Acceptance encourages an inclusive conversation to promote awareness and acceptance of Autism from an academic and lifestyle perspective. Dickson hopes this exhibit will encourage adults with Autism to vocalize their experiences and promote diverse thinking worldwide.

*The exhibit is on display in the Leatherby Libraries Doy and Dee Henley Reading Room (Library 2nd floor) and will be up through May 31, 2024.

For more information about this collection, visit the Meet Our Friends website here or check out the Leatherby Libraries’ copy of Dickson’s photography book Acceptance.

The Leatherby Libraries’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts align with the Chapman University Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion, fostering a diverse and inclusive campus climate.