October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Leatherby Libraries’ Health Sciences Librarians David Carson and Ivan Portillo have developed a virtual exhibit to educate the Chapman University community on the history of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment development. This exhibit aims to inform readers on how far our understanding of breast cancer has come and to encourage continued support for further development of new treatments.

The virtual exhibit provides a detailed timeline of significant advancements in breast cancer diagnosis and treatments from 3000 B.C. to 2022. This comprehensive timeline traces the key milestones in the history of breast cancer, ranging from history’s first documented description of cancer in Ancient Egyptian times to recent developments in breast cancer diagnosis using 3-D imaging. This timeline is the first to be developed in our scalar exhibits, and we encourage patrons to interact with the brand-new feature! Clicking on dates in the timeline will provide patrons with a description of the milestones in breast cancer treatments that occurred in that period. 

For readers interested in learning more about breast cancer research and treatment development, this virtual exhibit includes links to handbooks, research titles, journals, and historical and patient information titles that can further inform patrons. Additionally, the exhibit offers online resources to help further understand and support breast cancer patients’ experiences and the future of treatments.

All resources linked in the scalar exhibit are available to all members of the Chapman community to view.

For more information, contact our Health Science Librarians, David Carson and Ivan Portillo at rinkerlib@chapman.edu.

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