The Leatherby Libraries has curated a display celebrating Chinese Culture and Values!

There are multiple core values within Chinese culture, with harmony being critical. There is an emphasis on maintaining balance between humankind and nature, between people and society, between members of different communities, and between the mind and the body. This display aims to educate patrons on cultural norms and values held within the Chinese culture and celebrate its beauty by showcasing Chinese music, food, art, cinema, and more.

This display includes publications such as Music in China: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Frederick Lau, which discusses how music has served to unite the nation and promote its spiritual enrichment. In Visual Culture in Contemporary China: Paradigms and Shifts, Xiaobing Tang explores visual art from 1949 to the present day to tell the story of the ever-changing nature of Chinese culture. Through the exploration of cultural practices, values, traditions, and norms, these books provide a glimpse into modern and traditional China and its people. 

Check out this display’s complete bibliography on the Chapman Digital Commons here.

This display was curated by Leatherby Libraries student employees Kalea Brown ’26, Isabella Piechota ’25, and Arianna Tillman ’25.

The Leatherby Libraries’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts align with the Chapman University Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion, fostering a diverse and inclusive campus climate.