The Leatherby Libraries has added two new primary source collections from Gale to our collection of digital databases.

Decolonization: Politics and Independence in Former Colonial and Commonwealth Territories includes primary source perspectives from over 70 previously colonized countries, including those colonized by the British, French, and Portuguese in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Australasia, and the Americas. It explores decolonization as a historical process, specifically the changing or adapting systems from an imposed imperial or colonial structure after 1945 and up to the present. The database includes materials from the Papers of African Trade Unions, Political Pamphlets from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, and Marjorie Nicholson Papers from the Trade Congress Library archives.

Refugees, Relief, and Resettlement: Forced Migration and World War II chronicles the plight of refugees and displaced people across Europe, North Africa, and Asia before and after the Second World War (1935-1950). It includes correspondence, reports, studies, ephemera, and organizational and administrative files from governments, relief organizations, and refugee reports. Records cover evacuations and migrations in Burma, Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the resettlement of refugees in Latin America.

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