Dr. Marco Bisoffi,
 associate professor at the 
Chapman University School of Pharmacy
 receives funding from DOD ($103,500) to determine whether prostate cancer exosomes generate a field effect leading to tumor multifocality.

Results emerging from this work will justify more extended and mechanistic/functional studies in mouse models of prostate cancer in which we will attempt to induce multifocality using prostate cancer cells genetically modified to induce a field effect. This could lead to the development of new and early markers of disease and modes of intervention.

Dr. Bisoffi has established several research programs focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying prostate and breast cancer, the discovery and validation of biomarkers of early and progressive disease in these two type of hormone-dependent solid tumors, as well as the screening, identification, and testing of natural product based anti-prostate cancer organic small molecules and the elucidation of their mechanism of action. These projects were highly translational and included consented patient participation at the University of New Mexico Hospital and Cancer Center, and the Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Other projects included Dr. Bisoffi as an active collaborator in endeavors concerned with the development and use of targeted anti-prostate cancer nanoparticles and surface acoustic wave based pathogen biosensors.