Dr. Rennolds Ostrom, Professor of Pharmacology in the School of Pharmacy, will be the Faculty Fellow effective June 1, 2019. Professor Ostrom joined Chapman in 2016 after spending 13 years at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. He has developed an impressive research program focused on understanding how cAMP signaling compartments are formed and maintained, which will can lead to novel therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular disease, asthma, and other diseases. His work has been supported by the National Institute of Health and the American Heart Association. In his time at Chapman, Professor Ostrom has made valuable contributions as the Chair of the Faculty Personnel Council in 2017-2018.

As Faculty Fellow, he will work on initiatives that help advance research, scholarship and creative activities in support of faculty development. These include:

  • Act as a faculty liaison between the Office of Research and the various faculty interests on campus.
  • Lead the distribution of information and administration of review panels for the Faculty Opportunity Award program.
  • Serve as a lead on strategic initiatives that address research issues that impact faculty.
  • Work collaboratively with the Office of Research and other campus stakeholders (e.g., faculty, Research Advisory Panel, Associate Deans for Research, Provost Office) to advance the initiatives above.