From left to right:  Samuel Seal (Account Manager at Waters Corporation), Bobette Frye (Executive Biopharm Market Specialist at Waters Corporation), Peggy Huang (Councilwoman, City of Yorba Linda), Ronald Jordan, and Hung Do (MS ’16).

September 9, 2019 – The City of Yorba Linda presented Dean Ron Jordan with a certificate of recognition for advocating patient safety in Orange County. Peggy Huang, Councilwoman of the city of Yorba Linda, attended the award ceremony on behalf of the city. Dean Jordan is recognized for proactively emphasizing the importance of high-quality patient care programs, fostering a culture of patient safety, and supporting sustainable improvements in quality.

Chapman University School of Pharmacy is hosting 2nd Annual Interprofessional Patient Safety Conference (IPSC) on March 8, 2020, at the Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort in Huntington Beach. The IPSC follows the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s 8th Annual World Patient Safety Science & Technology Summit.  They both share the same mission to deepen health providers’ learning around topics related to preventable medical errors and deaths with the goal of achieving “Zero Preventable Deaths by 2020.”  Participants will learn with and from each other in case-based workshops, as well as from speakers who are experts in the topic areas and are committed to improving patient safety worldwide. For more information, please visit