Shang Eun Park

My name is Shang Eun Park (Paul). I graduated from Chapman University School of Pharmacy (CUSP) in 2017 with a Master’s of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (MSPS) with a focus on peptide therapeutics for Prostate Cancer. Now I am almost done with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science in 2020 with a focus on targeting anticancer conjugate with cell-penetrating peptide. I have an interest in international trading. During my free time, I tutor at a tutoring agency from Algebra, Anatomy, A.P. Calculus, A.P. Biology, A.P. Physics, and A.P. Chemistry. I also try to improve skills that I am weak at, like studying for Phyton, or work out with bodybuilders.

I am still in a Ph.D. program at CUSP, mainly involved in research and having discussions with fellow students and post-docs. I am looking toward working in the pharmaceutical industry upon graduation.

Goals as CUSP Alumni Advisory Board Member
As CUSP was fresh starting school when I first joined in 2015, my cohort of students did not have any precedent who were able to guide us or to be looked up to because we were pioneers. I want to set the patterns and guidance for new coming students. Thus I am also involved in Student Leadership Board Committee, Dean’s Student Leadership Advisory Council, Graduate Research Program Student Representative, and Graduate Program Student President to establish the AAPS-CU student chapter and served as a founding chair.

Memories at CUSP
I used to work in the late evenings and nights. When the laboratory building is almost empty at 2 am with only 2-3 Ph.D. students or post-docs left in the entire building, I always sing very loud in the lab as well as across the hallway. If you hear some singings at late night from the lab building, yeah, it’s me.

Messages to CUSP Alumni and Students
CUSP will provide as many opportunities as you can handle. Seize every opportunity. Despite how hard personal life and the current situation it maybe, if you were to have a retrospective view from the future, it all would have gone smooth. Time is running anyhow, so enjoy NOW.