Mariam Mekhael, PharmD candidate ’24, has been selected to participate in the Community Pharmacy Student Scholar Program, a collaborative initiative by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and the ACT Pharmacy Collaborative. Mariam’s exceptional academic achievements, including her involvement in the Leadership Emphasis Program, made her a standout candidate for this opportunity.

The Community Pharmacy Student Scholar Program is an opportunity for students enrolled in accredited Pharm.D. programs across the nation who aspire to become leaders in community-based pharmacy practice. Mariam, along with a cohort of 50 students, will be working in a thoughtfully designed program that will foster connections with like-minded peers, engage in synchronous learning opportunities, and have networking sessions with community pharmacy leaders on a national scale. “I am very excited for the opportunity to represent Chapman by being part of the AACP Community Pharmacy Student Scholars Leaders program,” Mariam says. “Through this program I aspire to become a better leader and network with Pharmacy leaders nationally to transform community pharmacy practice, advocating for the pharmacist role and our patient’s safety.”

We congratulate Mariam on this well-deserved achievement and look forward to witnessing the impact she will make!