Dr. Jennifer Totonchy has been invited to serve as a regular member of the HIV Coinfections and HIV Associated Cancers (HCAC) Study Section of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Her appointment will span a four-year term, where she will review applications related to HIV associated diseases, such as on pathogen coinfections with HIV, opportunistic infections due to HIV-associated compromise of the immune system, and AIDS-defining cancers.

Currently serving as the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and as an associate professor, Dr. Totonchy has research expertise in immunology virology, and molecular biology and has a very active lab at Chapman University. Her invitation letter documented the excellent quality of her research accomplishments, publications in scientific journals, and other honors that have impacted biomedical sciences.

Dr. Totonchy’s appointment makes her the third member of the Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) department to hold a regular membership in an NIH Study Section, followed by Dr. Ajay Sharma and Dr. Rachita Sumbria.