The Office of the Provost would like to take you and a small group of potential interdisciplinary collaborators to lunch.  The “First Lunch” initiative is an idea that has emerged following the survey results gathered in 2016 on faculty research needs.  The general idea is to provide some external support for faculty getting together to discuss possible interdisciplinary collaborations either in: (a) designing courses, (b) joint programs or (c) scholarship.  This is a joint venture between my office, Office of Research and Faculty Governance.

Please RSVP with all names in your party, date and time to Karen Ash at and Heidi Lasky at

Rules for participation:

  1. All full-time faculty are eligible;
  2. One lunch per faculty;
  3. Maximum of eight faculty at any single lunch;
  4. The group attending lunch must include faculty from at least two different units (i.e., college/school) on campus;
  5. The project being discussed must be new (e.g., no prior publications, courses or program proposals from this group on the current topic);
  6. Following the lunch, faculty must complete a very brief survey to help us better support interdisciplinary work.

The results of the survey will be shared with the Office of the Provost, the Office of Research and Faulty Governance to provide information about the interdisciplinary interests and needs of participating faculty.  Additionally, participants will be invited to a special reception next academic year to allow for further discussion and feedback.  Please contact Faculty Senate President Dave Pincus with any questions at