Recently, psychologists have challenged the science and profession of psychology to become more intellectually diverse.  They point out that too often research, training, and practice in psychology is captured by particular ideological orthodoxies and is not welcoming of diverse ideas, particularly with respect to sociopolitical perspectives.  We are psychologists – including academics, students, and practitioners – united by our concern about ideological influences on psychological research and practice.  Ideological commitment limits the accuracy, robustness, and practical application of psychological research, impedes our ability to effectively serve diverse populations, and limits the field’s credibility with policymakers and the public.   

The Heterodoxy in Psychology Conference provides an interactive forum for the exchange of research and ideas that are ideologically and intellectually heterodox in the science, teaching, and practice of psychology and allied disciplines as well as ideas on how to foster and promote heterodox work.

The Heterodoxy in Psychology Conference is an independent conference not organized or sponsored by Heterodox Academy or other entities.  The content and views shared at this conference do not necessarily reflect the position or commitments of other organizations.

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