Dr. Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University Professor Emeritus and renowned social psychologist captivated an audience of over 400 students and faculty on September 15 th 2011 with his talk, “My Journey from Creating and Understanding Evil to Inspiring Heroism.” Describing his early academic experiences, including his role as Warden in the Stanford Prison Study, Dr. Zimbardo led us through the development of key insights into the power of the situation in determining human behavior – “Give me a bad situation and a good person and the bad situation wins every time.” Good and evil are but a breath apart and by understanding this, we can become inoculated to the power of the situation. Dr. Zimbardo encouraged us to take actions, small everyday acts benefiting others, contributing to a better more positive future. His new organization, Heroic Imagination Project, is building resources to fund student scholarships, activities, and research action projects to help us earn more about heroism and inspiring the potential hero within each of us.