Prof. Andrew Moisher, Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, will be hosting a MathCS seminar Thursday, October 4. The seminar will take place at Von Neumann Hall (545 W. Palm Ave) from 1:15pm until 2:15pm.

Title: Generalizing Modal Logic for Compact Hausdorff Semantics

Abstract: Normal modal logic can be regarded as a specification language for non-deterministic state transition systems, modeled as compact, zero-dimensional topological spaces equipped with a closed binary relation. The zero-dimensionality requirement, however, severely limits potential applications. After all, this rules out such state spaces as spheres, tori and other garden variety compact Hausdorff spaces.

In this talk we consider how to generalize descriptive frames to allow for compact Hausdorff state spaces, and then ask how modal logic can be adapted to this generalization. In the result, we show that a Sahlqvist Theorem holds, characterizing a class of formulas that determine first-order definable properties of the state transition.

This is joint work with Nick Bezhanishvili.

Coffee, tea, and cookies will be available before the seminar at 12:45