Chapman University’s Center for Poetry, known as Tabula Poetica, brings together people of all backgrounds to share poetry and conversation.  Although poetry and science aren’t usually associated with each other, one particular poet on our radar has narrowed that gap and has a surprising connection with some of the studies and work of Crean School of Health and Life Sciences.

Nina Corwin

Nina Corwin is a strong voice in Chicago’s poetry community and has published two books in poetry.  She approaches her poems as poetic case studies and parables of the lonely, the disaffected, the schizophrenic, the addicted, and the hardships.  With over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, it is no wonder Corwin can successfully link her career in Clinical Therapy to her poetry.  Corwin’s Poetry Talk for her scheduled visit to Chapman University later this year is titled “The Uncertainty of Maps: Chasing the Existential Voyage.”  This presentation will include a performance of some of her poems and a discussion of concepts such as imperfection and impermanence from the vantage of existential and social psychology.

Find out more about Tabula Poetica’s Reading Series, and mark your calendars for this unique event that bridges science and poetry:

November 5, 2013
2:30PM in the Wilkinson Chapel.