Congratulations Dr. Ramesh Singh for his recent award from The Council of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc) for his paper on “Chamoli Landslide Disaster” published in Remote Sensing Letters.

Dr. Singh, a Professor of Environmental Science and Technology, has done extensive research within the Himalayas over his career, including “c2e2 Himalaya-International Workshop on Climate Change and Extreme Events in the Himalayan Region” in 2019.

After the Chamoli Landslide Disaster occurred, Dr. Singh collaborated with a group of his past students to analyse multi-satellite data and discuss different aspects of this deadly disaster. His paper “Snow covered with dust after Chamoli rockslide: inference based on high-resolution satellite data” was awarded The Taylor & Francis Remote Sensing Letters Award by the Council of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society. The award will be presented on at the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK.

After the recent, deadly Chamoli disaster, Dr. Singh appealed to the Ministry of Earth sciences to enhance the Automatic Weather stations, GPS, Seismological, and Doppler Radar network which will help to forecast such impending hazards in the Himalayan region. The deployment of instruments and model studies will help to find short and long-term changes in the Himalayan region to save the lives of inhabitants.