If you are looking for research opportunities for the summer, look through the research groups in Schmid below. We encourage you to reach out to the faculty member to discuss options further. 

Learn R Programming with Dr. Lindsay Waldrop 

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Dr. Lindsay Waldrop’s research uses a variety of visualization and computational methods to investigate the evolution and development of biological fluid-structure interactions. You can read more about her current research projects on her laboratory webpage. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about computers and R programming. No requirements for programming or math necessary.

If interested, you can connect with Dr. Waldrop at waldrop@chapman.edu.

Dr. Daniel Alpay Offers Individual Guided Studies Ranging From Math to Statistical Physics

Professor of Mathematics Dr. Daniel Alpay is offering individual guided studies to students interested in topics ranging from pure math to more applied topics such as wavelets and signal processing, and links to statistical physics. 

Full list of topics include: 

  1. The theory of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces (and toward the end of such a course, application to machine learning).
  2.  Functional analysis and applications to quantum mechanics
  3.  Wavelets
  4.  Theory of linear systems 
  5. Topological vector spaces 

Real analysis is a prerequisite for these studies. If interested, reach out to Dr. Alpay at alpay@chapman.edu