Nikki Morgan ’16, who majored in Environmental Science and Policy, shares about her current position at Backyard Bees and the importance of eating consciously and locally.

Can you discuss your current position/what you have done in your career since graduation?
I am currently the head beekeeper for Backyard Bees. Not only do I manage around 100 hives throughout Orange County, but I also make skin care products with our beeswax and honey. The biggest expansion in the company happened when I began selling at the Orange Home Grown Farmer’s Market located on Chapman’s campus. It has allowed me to expand our product line and educate the public about the importance of maintaining local bee populations. Come stop by and say hi!

Any other past or current involvement with sustainability and environmentalism that you would like to discuss?
Our main focus is raising bees in their most natural state with the least amount of human interference, but we also want to create products that come in environmentally responsible packaging. I love that I never have to shop for any hair or skin products anymore and I have so much less waste in my life.

What environmental issue are you most passionate about?
I am very passionate about eating consciously and locally. I get the majority of my food for the week at the farmer’s market. Not only am I getting healthier food, I’m helping the local farmer’s and saving money by eating out less. Also, by eating with the seasons, we cut down on greenhouse gas emissions associated with importing foreign produce. Our market is a non-profit and gives money back to the community and provides scholarships, it’s really a win for everyone! I’m also vegan (besides honey) for human health, environmental sustainability, and animal rights.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I am actually terrified of needles! I’ll do everything I can to avoid being stung. I never thought I would be brave enough to work with bees, but they’re just so interesting!