Ryan O’Hara ’19 is pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Environmental Studies. Learn more about his role as Mission Environment’s club President and his past experience at Sugarloaf State Park.

What is your current position/ leadership role you hold?

My current position is President of Mission Environment—Chapman’s environmental awareness and appreciation club. We have weekly meetings where we discuss topics ranging from the zero-waste movement to ocean pollution to renewable energy. We also do events such as hikes and beach cleanups. Mission E meets every Monday night at 10pm in AF205. Make sure to e-mail missionenv@gmail.com to get on our mailing list!

Any other past or current involvement with sustainability and environmentalism you’d like to discuss?

I recently received a job as Sustainability Assistant within the Sustainability Department here at Chapman. I have also worked at a State Park (Sugarloaf Ridge SP) for the past two summers near my hometown where I led weekly hikes and campfires, learned about the State Park system, conservation and preservation, and the importance of public engagement and support for public land. I practice sustainability in my day-to-day life as well; using a reusable water bottle and mason jars for coffee, composting, buying food items with less packaging, and shopping locally when I can (s/o to Orange Home Grown Farmer’s Market, 9am-1pm every Saturday to support local farmers and businesses).

What environmental issue are you most passionate about?

It is difficult to choose just one environmental issue that I’m most passionate about—partly because every issue is in some way linked with at least one other issue, and partly because each issue is so pressing. However, I would say that the issue I am most passionate about is the process of transitioning to a sustainable global society. This will be a difficult accomplishment, as addressing this umbrella issue would include actions such as slowing, capping and eventually lowering human population growth, reducing plastics and other packaging, fostering a care for and preserving the natural environment, having our energy needs met using only renewable sources, and much more.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I’ve played the cello since the age of 10!