The Center for Undergraduate Excellence is encouraging students and the Chapman community to attend the Fall 2020 Virtual Student Scholar Symposium.  The event will be divided up into both poster and oral sessions, highlighting research, creative activity, visual arts, and more.

“The Student Scholar Symposium provides students an opportunity to present their research/creative projects to an audience beyond the classroom,” Dr. Jan Osborn says. “This helps them practice the proposal/presentation elements in scholarly work. I am proud to have students who submitted their projects to the symposium and look forward to their interaction with attendees.” 

Megan Shieh, a former presenter, and attendee reiterate that the event is a great opportunity because you can gain different perspectives and advises those presenting to “thoroughly know your subject material because people will ask insightful questions.” Emma Chen, who presented last spring, suggests to “break down and discuss your project in a clear, concise way that can be understood by anyone.” 

Nicole Saito presented last spring when the symposium was also virtual, which made the event more accessible to others. “Because it was online, my family was able to join the oral presentation session and hear about my research on our home, the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  By presenting, I gained a glimpse of what it was like to be an academic, and my parents realized my passion for political science and economics and told me they now understood and supported my aspirations toward academia,” she explains. 

If you are interested in attending, the link to the event page is located on the CUE webpage. The event is taking place on December 2, 2020, from 9 AM-3:30 PM

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