Student Scholar Ambassadors for the 2022-2023 school year

Do you want to make an impact on the educational experience of your peers? Gain outreach and leadership experience for personal growth by becoming a Student Scholar Ambassador for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) at Chapman University. Student Scholar Ambassadors are a select group of accomplished students who have engaged in meaningful academic and creative research pursuits or have been recognized for their achievements through prestigious fellowships and scholarships. As liaisons for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, they help showcase the resources and opportunities available to other students and faculty. They also serve as mentors to help others achieve their academic and career goals.

Anika Manuel ’23 and Cole Clark ’23, who are currently serving as Student Scholar Ambassadors, made the choice to become ambassadors with the intention of aiding fellow students in their research endeavors.

Anika Manuel ’23

According to Manuel, “The CUE team and the resources they provide really helped me with my own research projects, from having my paper published to developing strong presentation skills through participating at a couple symposiums. I wanted to be a part of the team helping other students like myself succeed.” The skills gained during the Ambassador program were unique for Manuel and allowed her to develop a greater network. “Being a student scholar ambassador, I have further developed my presentation and networking skills. As an ambassador, our job is to represent the CUE and connect with other undergraduate students, faculty, and the other ambassadors.” Manuel highly recommends student researchers apply to become a student scholar ambassador, “There is so much you can gain from this experience and nothing you can lose!”

Cole Clark ’23

Likewise, as a Film and Media Studies major, Clark ’23 was enthusiastic about introducing Chapman’s resources to incoming students. Not only did assuming this role offer Clark the opportunity to assist others, but it also proved more beneficial to him than he initially anticipated. “Some benefits and skills I gained from this position are an increased awareness of research opportunities at Chapman, which I can recall now for myself, as well as other students. I have also gained experience in presenting to students and fielding questions on best practices for research, which has helped me strengthen my own research habits.”

Are you interested in becoming Chapman University’s student scholar ambassador? Apply now for Fall 2023. Student Scholar Ambassadors will be selected based on their application and an interview. In addition to enthusiasm and strong communication skills, we are looking for a diversity of majors, including the fine and performing arts, humanities, and social sciences. Visit our website for more information and to apply.

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