As I referenced in a recent blog post, self-determined learners with the motivation, drive, and resources can teach themselves amazing things online. (See the blog here about two boys who taught themselves skills such as driving a car and speaking English.) What does this mean for the future of learning and the future of the teaching profession?

I’ve had the following video, Digital Aristotle, playing in my mind for some time now. Some might call it provocative, but I find the points valid. Have you ever been bored in class? Or have you ever been so far behind in a class that you couldn’t catch up? If you’re an instructor, do you know how to support the differing needs of each student? If the predictions of the video come true, within a decade we’ll see major shifts in thought about the usefulness of instructors due to the advancement of artificial intelligence. Based on the video and articles like this, 3 reasons why AI is education’s future, artificial intelligence can better clue into the needs and projected paths of students. If this comes to pass at a grand scale, what is the value of teaching? I’d love to hear your thoughts.