A favorite online tool is the Photo Roster tool.  Use the Photo Roster link to view a photo roster of your students and print it out.

Many instructors like to have a copy on hand during the first week or two in order to make notes (such as pronouns or name pronunciation) in the margins next to the photo. It’s a great way to get to know your students by name.

These photos are visible only to instructors and instructional staff and come directly from official campus ID card photos. When someone officially enrolls in your course, that person’s picture is automatically added to your class photo roster. When someone officially drops your course, that person’s name and photo are automatically removed from your class photo roster.

They are confidential records (FERPA protected) and may not be disclosed to third parties without the written permission of the student.

Students cannot access or view the photo roster.

TIP! Don’t like your official Chapman ID photo? Did you know you can submit your own photo to use on your ID?

If you have any questions about the photo roster tool, please reach out to Educational Technology Services at edutech@chapman.edu.