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Why Use Blackboard?

June 26, 2017 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

Content Sharing– Go paperless! Upload your syllabus, PowerPoint presentations, link to YouTube videos, websites and more. Expand Classroom Time– Provide pre-class quizzes or self-assessments online to allow you more time for discussion and activities in the classroom. Plagiarism-detection and Coursework-annotation– Assign Turnitin assignments through Blackboard. The feedback studio provides similarity checking, online feedback, and rubric

FALL 2017 WORKSHOPS Blackboard, Turnitin, & Poll Everywhere

June 19, 2017 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

Blackboard Basic Workshop Post an announcement Upload content Change your course menu Create a grade center column Send an email Blackboard Intermediate Workshop Part I Create folders, modules, or lesson plans Create an assignment Create categories in the grade center Change course availability Link to a third-party vendor Blackboard Intermediate Workshop Part II Create a

Blackboard and Dropbox Education

May 15, 2017 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

The Dropbox integration allows instructors to easily link to their Dropbox content into their Blackboard Learn courses by using the mashup menu found in the content area. This integration eliminates the need to manage content in multiple places. Also, students can upload their assignments directly from Dropbox into Blackboard Learn. To learn more about how

Top 5 Reasons to Use in Blackboard

March 27, 2017 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

More than 5,700 courses and 255,000 video tutorials taught by recognized industry expert is free for Chapman Instructors and students Instructors can find and use the videos through Blackboard’s Mashup tool Instructors can track students’ progress in the Grade Center By incorporating content into Blackboard instructors provide easy access for students Please visit

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