The Argyros School of Business and Economics Faculty create research on topics impacting businesses big and small around the globe. These studies, articles and papers are consistently found in the leading business journals and publications. We are extremely proud of the contributions. We had 93 papers published or accepted in the academic year 2017 – 2018. Since May 2018, we’ve had 13 publications. Check back each month for an updated list.

May – October 2018

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  2. Bigoni, Maria and Gabriele Camera, “Cooperation, Monetary Trade, and the Choice of Scale of Interaction,” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.
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  8. Kimbrough, Erik O. and Alexander Vostroknutov. “A Portable Method of Eliciting Respect for Social Norms,” 2018. Economics Letters 168: 147-150.
  9. Leland, Jonathan, Mark Schneider and Nathaniel Wilcox, “Minimal Frames and Transparent Frames for Risk, Time, and Uncertainty,” Management Science.
  10. Li, Jing, Lin Nan and Ran Zhao, “Corporate Governance Roles of Information Quality and Corporate Takeovers,” Review of Accounting Studies.
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