Bloomberg delivers 24/7 real-time data on business and market news, as well as, analysis, financial, and background information on companies, economies and industries around the globe.

The Janes Financial Center offers several Bloomberg training opportunities to increase financial analyst acumen and enhance usage of our 12 Bloomberg Terminals. All Chapman community members can create a Bloomberg account by completing training sessions led by Janes Financial Center specialist, Kennedie Habermehl. This account gives the user access to the latest information on global financial markets, changes in publicly-traded companies, and much more.

Get Certified

Bloomberg Terminal certification is available to Chapman students, staff, faculty and alumni virtually anytime. Bloomberg Market Concepts is the certification course which provides an in-depth understanding of the information and functionality of Bloomberg’s data and tools. After completing the eight hours of online video tutorials at your own pace you will feel comfortable navigating Bloomberg’s data and be empowered to successfully manage portfolios for either class projects or personal investments. The Bloomberg Market Concepts certificate is a huge plus on resumes, and is a great personal tool to utilize for trading and company analysis.

Visit Us

The Janes Financial Center is located in Beckman Hall, room 207. We are open Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Stop by the center to get started or gather more information on what Bloomberg has to offer. If you would like to get started on a training session or certification course then check out the Bloomberg Registration form. All dates are also listed on the Janes Financial Center web page.