Argyros School Associate Professor Hank Adler is receiving national attention for a recent article he had published in the Wall Street Journal. An expert in individual and corporate taxes and a twenty year partner at Deloitte & Touche, Professor Adler’s article examines the consequences from a wealth tax proposed by the state of California. The proposal aims to impose 10 years of taxes on anyone that spends more than 60 days in the state in a single year. The article discusses the negative impacts on this proposal, and how it could impact businesses and individuals. Following the publication, he’s been invited to speak on the topic by a wide variety of national publications. He’s discussed the article on California Insider by The Epoch Times and NPR, among other outlets.

The most recent Wall Street Journal publication comes just over a year after his previous article in the Journal. In December 2019 he examined the wealth tax proposed by Elizabeth Warren and the inevitable destruction it would cause by forcing the sale of assets to pay the tax and continue the cycle yearly. Professor Adler is one of the many ASBE faculty members that are highly respected in their field for their research and expertise in multiple disciplines.