Name: Noelle Benn

Degree: Master of Business Administration, ’24

Noelle is a Graduate student at Chapman University actively searching for an internship in Business Administration, Marketing, and Data Analyst domain. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she was awarded a scholarship from the National Black MBA Association. We are here to celebrate her success and share some helpful tips with fellow students!

During the interterm of 2023, Noelle took a Humanities 229 class titled “Leading Your Life,” taught by Erin Berthon. This professor was very open to helping students, and Noelle contacted her about scholarships. Erin led her to Chris Pagel (Assistant Dean of Graduate Business Programs), who showed her resources to assess her options. From this, she was introduced to the National Black MBA Association. She looked into the organization, ensured she met the requirements and became a member. Shortly after her application, she was awarded the scholarship.

What excites you about pursuing an MBA degree?

I’ve been trying to do this for a while, even before getting into Chapman. I was looking for 4+1 programs and MBA programs. It worked out that I just loved Chapman, so I wanted to continue with a graduate program here. My undergrad cemented that I wanted to be here and continue my education.

How do you see this scholarship and your education enabling you to pursue your career goals?

Most people in my family are in education. This was the first step forward for me in the business avenue. I didn’t know what to expect. So having this scholarship makes me feel more that I’m supposed to be here – that this should be part of my plan.

I learned I like marketing and analytics from my undergraduate courses. Some long-term career goals include being a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or a financial manager for professional athletes.

Why did you choose the Argyros School of Business in particular?

In high school, I went to a smaller school, so I knew I wanted to attend a smaller college because there’s a better opportunity to connect with professors and ask more questions in class than in large schools where you don’t have that relationship as much. I’ve had a good 3.5 years. Even over Zoom, professors were understanding, took office hours, and were open to communicating at the eleventh hour for help. There are also a lot more opportunities in the Argyros School that I didn’t even know of, such as Handshake and resume review. There are many more options for Argyros School students which I think is great and I can keep digging into those resources.

Do you have any advice for other students looking for similar funding opportunities?

I recommend reaching out to your professors. Even if they don’t have the answer for you, they will reach out to people who might have the answer. Talk to different people in your communities. While I was reaching out, I found community-specific scholarships. Continue researching on and on!