Emma Han stands out as a shining example of ambition and accomplishment. A double major in B.S. Business Administration with a Marketing Emphasis and B.A. Public Relations, Advertising & Entertainment Marketing, Emma is set to graduate with the class of 2026, leaving behind a trail of remarkable achievements and memories.

College Journey

Emma’s college journey began with trepidation, as she reflects, “Going to college was a nerve-racking experience that caused me a lot of stress, but Chapman ended up being a great place for me to grow and start fresh.” Her fears were quickly put to rest upon arriving at Chapman. “I felt very welcomed and supported and secure in my academic and career plans,” she explains, highlighting the university’s nurturing environment. Chapman’s emphasis on community and support was pivotal in Emma’s smooth transition, especially as she ventured into the demands of being a double major.

One aspect that sets Emma apart is her extensive campus involvement. She actively contributes to the university’s academic and extracurricular landscape. She is deeply immersed in research, working with Dr. Cristina Nistor and Dr. Charlene Chu on a project examining social media authenticity. Emma’s dedication was recognized when she presented her research at the Spring Student Scholar Symposium 2023. She earned prestigious accolades such as the Argyos School Research Fellow title and the Argyros School Research Award for Business Impact.

Campus Involvement & Career Development

Emma’s thirst for knowledge and industry insights extends beyond research. As a member of the University Program Board (UPB) Marketing Committee, she played an instrumental role in orchestrating successful events like the Spring Concert 2023. Her role involved harnessing the power of social media to promote UPB events, a skill she later leveraged as the Social Media Manager of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE), where she collaborated with Lisa Kendrick to boost awareness of undergraduate research opportunities.

Further, Emma’s passion for marketing and communication is palpable through her active involvement in several student associations. She is the Director of Events in Chapman’s Marketing Association and the Director of External Communications in the Public Relations & Advertising Association (PRAA). Emma uses these platforms to network with industry professionals, host career development workshops, and amplify event marketing across campus.

The Argyros School’s Impact

Choosing Chapman and the Argyros School of Business and Economics was a strategic move for Emma. She explains, “Chapman’s close-knit culture allowed for meaningful connections with friends and faculty alike.” Additionally, she cites the abundant resources of the Argyros School and the comprehensive network it offers. As she sought guidance for her career, she has effectively used the Career Advancement Center early in her journey.

While Emma’s resume shines bright with accomplishments, her journey is still unfolding. She acknowledges her growth in public speaking and professionalism, qualities nurtured by her participation in various Argyros School events. Emma’s favorite memories involve finding her place within different communities, dispelling her initial reservations as an introvert. “Chapman has an abundance of communities where finding a place to belong wasn’t a daunting or difficult task,” she says.

As Emma looks toward the horizon, her long-term career goals are crystal clear. With her combined degrees in Business Administration and Public Relations, Advertising & Entertainment Marketing, she aspires to venture into the world of marketing and advertising within the music or entertainment industry. While she may not have pursued internships quite yet, her dedication to research, campus involvement, and skill development positions her as a force to be reckoned with in her chosen field.

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