September 6th is Global Talent Acquisition Day and what better way to celebrate than to dive into the careers of the Argyros School’s very own? We spoke to a few Argyros School Alumni to learn more about their careers, what their day-to-day lives look like, and gain further insight into the industry!

Tala Davary, MBA ’18

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Current Role & Company: Campus Recruiter at Deloitte

What made you interested in a career in talent acquisition? 

After completing my undergrad degree, my first role in the professional world was in Talent Acquisition for bareMinerals in San Francisco. I had previously worked as a cosmetic sales associate at their retail stores while in school. Following this experience, I served as a student services advocate at the University of San Francisco. There were various aspects of each position that I really enjoyed, and I found a unique fit in my current role on the Commercial Campus Recruiting team at Deloitte, where I’m able to blend my prior knowledge and experience in recruiting and higher ed. As a Deloitte recruiter, I serve as a resource for students as they embark on their professional journeys both in school and post-graduation, while also providing them with a high touch / personalized candidate experience throughout the recruitment process.

What are your favorite things about working in talent acquisition/recruiting? 

In my current role, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with a variety of truly impressive candidates across our campus recruiting pipeline, ranging from helicopter pilots to professional violinists. I am continuously in awe at the level of excellence found on campus as well as the diverse student populations that we are fortunate enough to recruit from. I enjoy working cross-functionally with career centers, campus staff, as well as Deloitte professionals who work across other industries, within the vast Deloitte network. I also enjoy serving as a brand ambassador for Deloitte on campus, and building lasting connections with students who intern with us (or join full-time) which translates into future connections within my growing network at the firm. Ultimately, it is incredibly rewarding to implement recruiting strategies and to see the results of our efforts in real-time, as students enthusiastically accept offers to join the firm.

What are your least favorite things about working in talent acquisition/recruiting?
One aspect of my role is to oversee our Summer Associates during their 10-week internship at the firm during the summer months. As the summer comes to a close and students return to campus, it is bittersweet to say goodbye to our wonderful cohorts of interns. We’ve spent the entire summer together at the office, at recruiting events, happy hours, and fun off-site excursions. Whether they are going back to school to resume their graduate programs, or they ultimately decide to move forward with new opportunities at other firms, we care about the candidates and strive to ensure the best experience possible for them. Our goal is to retain these pools of top talent following their experiences with us, but we cannot always guarantee this outcome.

What advice do you have for Argyros Students looking to get a job in the world of talent acquisition (TA)? I would recommend identifying an industry of interest and then exploring TA roles within that space. TA roles exist across a variety of industries, and firms are always seeking to build robust talent teams. It is critical to diversify your resume and showcase skills and knowledge that set you apart from other applicants, including specialized skills such as languages, HR certifications, applicable coursework, etc. Additionally, TA work requires a high level of professionalism and confidentiality since you own applicant data, hiring documents, wages, and so on. I would encourage current Chapman students to really leverage the opportunities and resources available at the Argyros School and the Career Advancement office in order to form connections with other firms, get resume help, build a professional network, and identify key areas of interest within Talent Acquisition to help refine your job search.

What internship experience have you had (if any) led you to your current role? 

While pursuing my studies at Chapman, I worked part-time as a Graduate Student Assistant at the Argyros School and gained firsthand experience supporting students and staff with ongoing services and daily tasks. This experience, coupled with my prior experiences in higher ed, added to my interest in student services and interfacing with campus personnel, to better serve students and faculty. Anything else you’d like to share about your work experience or Chapman Experience?Chapman provided a personalized classroom experience, helpful advising sessions, and career counseling support, as well as the opportunity to learn from its renowned Argyros School faculty who are truly dedicated to student success. I’ll always cherish my Champan memories as they’ve had lasting impacts on me, both personally and professionally, with important takeaways that I continue to apply at work!

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Dana Lujack ’18

Degree: B.S. Business Administration, Management emphasis, Psychology minor

Current Role & Company: Recruiter at Green Street

What made you interested in a career in talent acquisition/recruiting?

My passion for people led me to a career in human resources. I was fortunate to find a role at a company in high growth mode with aggressive hiring goals. I fell into recruiting given this business need and never looked back.

What are your favorite things about working in talent acquisition/recruiting?

I love recruiting because I get to talk to people all day long and learn about their aspirations in life. Recruiting is like sales because you have to sell the opportunity so I love the strategy involved. It’s extremely rewarding to find the right person for a role and watch them build a successful career at Green Street.

What are your least favorite things about working in talent acquisition/recruiting?

Being ghosted! Recruiting feels like dating sometimes. Candidates are simultaneously talking to other companies so you have to offer a competitive opportunity and be timely in your communications.

What advice do you have for Argyros Students looking to get a job in the world of talent acquisition?

Try to get an internship and also don’t be afraid to start somewhere to get your foot in the door. Internships give you real-world experience and introduce you to different industries and facets of HR. This will allow you to get an idea of where you want to be post-graduation. As you look for your first job, be open to accepting a different type of role if you find a company that really resonates with you because sometimes it’s hard to get into HR without experience. I started at the front desk at Green Street, answering phones, processing mail, making coffee, etc. because I saw an opportunity to potentially transition to HR which I was able to do after about 6 months.

What internship experience have you had (if any) led you to your current role?

I gained experience by doing unpaid internships for school credit. I found this to be more worthwhile than taking random classes to meet my credit requirements. My internships allowed me to build my resume and gain exposure to different types of companies and work. I found HR along the way and decided I wanted to pursue this as my career.

Anything else you’d like to share about your work experience or Chapman Experience?

I was very involved on campus at Chapman. My favorite activity was serving on the executive board of my business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. This experience prepared me for my professional career and I was able to speak to these accomplishments in order to sell myself when I was interviewing. I was lucky to find a growing, reputable company such as Green Street where I have happily worked for the past 4 years. I’ve had the opportunity to live in New York and London to help with our recruiting efforts in our other offices. I am thankful for the education I received and the experiences I had at Chapman that led me to where I am today.

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