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Meet Nella Khachian, the vibrant force on Chapman University’s campus. Majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and minoring in Data Analytics, Nella’s journey through Chapman has been nothing short of exhilarating. Reflecting on her time at the Leatherby Center of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, she shares, “My position there as a Marketing Intern has not only allowed me to expand my skillset but has been a catalyst for my growth.”

Immersed in a community of innovation and learning, Nella’s Chapman experience has been a whirlwind of inspiration and opportunity. As she gears up for graduation this spring, 2024, she carries the wisdom she gained from the entrepreneurial landscape, ready to conquer the next chapter of her journey.

Nella’s Chapman Journey

Nella’s decision to join Chapman was rooted in practicality and promise. Drawn by the Argyros College’s reputation for intimate class sizes and comprehensive curriculum, she found a home where her academic ambitions could thrive. Beyond the classroom, Chapman’s location in Orange County offered Nella easy access to recreational pursuits like beach outings and scenic trails, providing a well-rounded college experience. Immersed in courses like Marketing Analytics under the tutelage of Professor Toplansky, Nella honed her skills in data analysis and marketing strategy, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

In the midst of her academic pursuits, Nella found time for unforgettable memories and community engagement. One standout moment? Fundraising for Read Lead Achieve with her sorority Pi Beta Phi through the Arrowspike volleyball tournament. “The whole process of our community coming together to support a cause and working together to fundraise is such an amazing thing to see,” Nella reminisces. Beyond the courts, Nella’s favorite spot on campus, the balcony atop the Keck Center, served as her sanctuary for study sessions and bonding with friends.

Campus Involvement & Impact

Aside from Nella’s involvement in Pi Beta Phi where she met many new friends, became involved in the community, and learned so much about herself, she also became a part of the CEO Club which is the Chapman Entrepreneurs Organization, a student-ran club that works in tandem with the Leatherby Center of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. “I appreciate having that community so much and getting to learn from like-minded individuals who are also passionate about learning and innovation,” says Nella. 

Although Nella says all of her professors have been incredible, she has high praise for Professor Mario Leone.”Professor Leone has been a huge part of my Chapman experience,” she says. “I began working with him at the Leatherby Center then he became my professor for MGSC 300 and BUS 475. He has so much wisdom to offer and truly wants the best for his students. He always gave me the most beneficial feedback on my assignments and has been a big help through my job search. If you get the opportunity take a class with Professor Leone, he speaks from experience, believes in his students, and it one of the most helpful people I have encountered during my time at Chapman.”

Wishbone, Backbone & Funny Bone!

As Nella reflects on her Chapman journey, she offers invaluable advice to incoming first-year students: “To succeed, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone!” Embracing every opportunity with gusto, Nella’s college goals were met with determination and adaptability.

“Having a wishbone is having all your desires, dream, goals, and those are what will allow you to explore and find passions. You need a backbone to push you through the not-so-great times even when it seems like nothing is working out your way or how you planned. And a funny bone, college is such an incredible time with so many moments that you will look back and laugh about.” From securing coveted internships at Snap Inc and to flourishing within Chapman’s academic realm, Nella’s journey is a testament to the power of curiosity and resilience.


Nella is currently job hunting, looking for positions in marketing, product analysis, consulting. “I want to kick-start my career in something analytics focused hopefully in the tech industry,” she says. “I’ll be moving back to the Bay Area to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy summer!” We wish Nella nothing but success in her future endeavors!

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Photo Credit: Gracie Shafqat Photography