Derrick Davidian, a Strategic and Corporate Communication major with a minor in Entrepreneurship, is set to graduate from Chapman University in May 2024. His journey at Chapman has been nothing short of transformative, marked by a diverse range of experiences that reflect his passion for communication, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

Upon arriving at Chapman, Derrick quickly realized the myriad opportunities available to students. He notes that the faculty’s openness to new ideas and their willingness to support students in turning those ideas into tangible projects have been instrumental in his academic journey.

Derrick’s Chapman Experience: Tapping into Argyros Through Entrepreneurship

Choosing Chapman and the Argyros College of Business and Economics was a strategic move for Derrick. The Entrepreneurship minor perfectly complemented his Strategic and Corporate Communication major, offering a unique blend of business education and practical application. He appreciates the real-time business opportunities provided, allowing students to bridge the gap between theory and practice. He says, “I have also recently joined the InterPhase Incubator that is part of the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. I am really excited to be a part of this Incubator and can’t wait to see the growth and success of all the Incubator start-ups in a couple months.”

Why Argyros and why the Entrepreneurship minor? The Argyros College has played a pivotal role in shaping Derrick’s skills. Communication, team and project management, and resilience are among the competencies he has honed through coursework, internships, and his entrepreneurial ventures. He says “As a Strategic and Corporate Communication major, I wanted to expand my knowledge base and tap into my entrepreneurial spirit. The Entrepreneurship minor that Chapman and the Argyros College of Business and Economics offer truly encompasses the perfect combination of classes that teach you about business and entrepreneurship but also allow you to bring your ideas to life.”

Outside of the Classroom: From Intern to Entrepreneur

Over the past 4 years at Chapman, Derrick has interned at Huffman Creative, a production company created by Chapman University Alumni Ryan Huffman ’13, the Newport Beach Film Festival, and will also be interning for Warner Bros. Discovery during the spring of 2024 as an Awards, Talent, and Events intern for their Max team.

In addition to interning for these inspiring companies, Derrick says “I have leaned into my entrepreneurial spirit and founded the first college film festival in the area: Orange Film Fest.” In their first year, they sold out a theater of 300 seats, had 40 Chapman student films submitted, welcomed special guest speakers “Weird Al” Yankovic and director Eric Appel, awarded more than $1,500 in prize money to student filmmakers, and are excited to reach new heights for year 2 of the festival on April 20, 2024. “This year we are expanding to more universities in Southern California like USC, LMU, UCLA, and Cal State Long Beach as well as opening submissions for Animation and Documentary student short films,” he says.

Favorite Memories On- and Off-Campus

“My favorite memory at Chapman has been Orange Film Fest,” says Derrick. “Growing up I played basketball and the best part of being on the team was the post-game or post-practice lunches, dinners, and times where we would all get together and enjoy each other’s company. Orange Film Fest and my team has become my basketball team.” The team consists of all Chapman students from different majors and years, but Derrick says that the group has grown to become a family, supporting one another during film festival activities but also outside of meetings. “I am honored to be a part of such an incredible group of people,” he says.


While Derrick isn’t quite sure where his future will take him, he has two long-term career paths in mind: talent agent or studio executive. Yet to commit to one, there is one thing he is certain of: he hopes to continue to make Orange Film Fest one of the biggest college film festivals in California. As Derrick continues to make waves at Chapman, his enthusiasm for communication, entrepreneurship, and community building remains unwavering. With his determination and the support of the Chapman community, the future holds exciting possibilities for Derrick Davidian. To follow his journey and learn more about the Orange Film Fest, visit Orange Film Fest website and Instagram.

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