Why or how are people selected for positions within a company? Some believe it is the cliche, “Not what you know but who you know.” Others believe it is the qualifications that you bring to the table. All of that may be true but I had the privilege to experience a unique environment with the folks at Avalanche 3D Entertainment.

As I sat down with the President, Bruce Strain, whom is very passionate about his trade of 3D technology, what I noticed was his passion wasn’t just with the technology but his ability to find the brightest and best talented students from Chapman. Since 2010 Bruce has had Chapman students intern with the company.  The students come from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and Argyros School of Business and Economics. He continued by saying how motivated the students are from Chapman, so eager to learn. That is why Chapman has been his college of choice.

Film students learn the art of 3D, storyboarding, setting up scenes, working with camera equipment, editing, visual effects with real world application.  In the film world you need projects and examples of your work. Not only are they getting the recognition they need but they are getting paid for it.  Working with the City of Anaheim Avalanche is making a documentary about the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). The project is a one-hour documentary about the transportation center, from planning to the grand opening.  Business interns learn the everyday operations, and are given the opportunity to be more hands on. Calling vendors, setting up meetings, and various other jobs directly related to the everyday functions of the company.

Something has to be said when an environment has students continuing to come back. At this point, Bruce has students applying by word of mouth. The first students enjoyed their time there so much that they referred others within their classes to work for the company. This is the ideal example of a local Orange County company giving back to the community, meeting new people, keeping those contacts going, and continuing to learn. There are times that students chose to continue working at Avalanche 3D Entertainment, even after their internship is over.