Name: Nathaniel Cuadros

Position: Data Science Intern

Company: First American

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Data Analytics and Bachelor of Arts, Economics – May 2023

My name is Nathaniel Cuadros, and last summer, I was a Data Science Intern at First American.

What excites you about this company/job?

It was a very fun 10-week internship as it wasn’t formatted as a regular program, but I was thrown right into work on an active and in-progress development cycle. I developed new skills through the internship, such as data visualization and model tuning. Additionally, I got to work on a very small team and learn directly from the team of people I worked with. More than anything, it was my first chance to apply what I learned in classes to actual models.

How did you strategize landing this internship/job?

I applied to numerous internship positions on various job boards and LinkedIn. I reached out to support from career resources and received help polishing my resume and working through mock interviews.

Give students some career advice for anyone looking for an internship/job in this market (based on what you did)?

I recommend applying to at least one position daily to keep the momentum going. Know that you can apply to older listings, but more recent and current listings have the best odds of further contact. Run your resume and cover letters past other people for suggestions. More than anything, just know it takes time to find what fits, it’s a long process, and it takes a lot of determination, but eventually, it works out…