Name: Holly DeAngelo 

Position: Graduate Marketing & Communications Intern

Company: U.S. Bank 

Degree: MBA, Marketing – May 2023

What excites you about this company/job?

U.S. Bank is currently going through a lot of growth with their recent acquisition of Union Bank and a change in leadership with their CMO leaving. It’s an exciting time to be joining the company and I am looking forward to being part of the new direction the company is taking.

How did you strategize landing this internship/job?

In order to ensure I got the summer internship, I edited my resume to lend itself more to the banking industry and utilized career services to help me with that process. When applying to the role, I reached out to some people that already worked there in order to learn more about the role and connect with those I would be working with

Give students some career advice for anyone looking for an internship/job in this market (based on what you did)?

Reach out to people who work there! Usually, people are very happy to talk to those looking to learn more about their company and share their experiences.