Bragging Rights The world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company is working on developing a COVID-19 vaccine, has over 130,000 employees globally, and accomplished $82.1bn in sales last year.  

Top Employer of Chapman Talent Johnson and Johnson (J&J) is well-known as a trusted, established healthcare industry giant globally. While many may know and love the logo, what some may not realize is the immense presence the organization has within California, especially in Orange County. With eight subsidiary centers within driving distance of Chapman University in Southern California, opportunities for Panthers are both diverse and plentiful.

Not only is opportunity available, it’s knocking. J&J is an active member of the CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County (CLA-OC), a group committed to developing, supporting, growing, and connecting with emerging local talent. As a part of that commitment, J&J leadership teamed up with Chapman University and CLA-OC to host an interactive event, OC Giants: Thriving at Johnson & Johnson. The event provided Chapman students, alumni, and future Panthers (Chapman-speak for high school students)  with exclusive access to J&J leaders, who shared their personal stories and insights into the company’s mission, work culture, and opportunities.

J&J’s panel featured senior members of various subsidiaries: Company Group Chairman Schlomi Nachman, Worldwide President at Mentor Diane Gomez-Thinnes, Global Head of Human Resources for CSS Fahmi Nahas, Sr. Finance Director Gerianne Sarte, and Worldwide President for J&J Surgical Vision, Warren Faust. 

Throughout the presentation, discussion always seemed to circle back to something very special to Johnson & Johnson: the Johnson & Johnson Credo, which first prioritizes customers, then employees, communities, and lastly shareholders when making decisions. A cornerstone of the J&J story, leadership attributed their 134-year record of impressive organizational growth and value, both financially and culturally, to the company’s customer-centric approach, ultimately driven by — you guessed it — their Credo.

Committed to addressing healthcare disparities  

Fast fact! J&J has been recognized by Fortune, LinkedIn, and Diversity Best Practices among others for its outstanding transformative efforts in areas of diversity and inclusion.  

In addition to developing an investigational vaccine in response to Covid-19, J&J has supported frontline healthcare workers and worked to advance racial and ethnic health equity with a series of targeted Covid-19 focused programs. 

With our huge global reach and capabilities in both on scientific financial terms, we believe that we have the responsibility and obligation to be part of fighting this pandemic… We were one of the first ones to come forward and pledge about $50 million support for the frontline health workers, Nachman said. 

“J&J is a very distinguished organization and every colleague I know comes to work every day with the goal to make a difference. We are working towards the distinct goal of creating a future where diseases are something of the past.  We are united with the mission of creating a thriving OC for everyone and very excited about the opportunity to meet the next generation of innovators and leaders.” Nachman spoke about the company’s mission and emphasized how they are profoundly changing the trajectory of human health in the country with a focus on science, ingenuity, and evidence-based approaches. 

Finding the right opportunities at J&J

Global head of Human Resources, Fahmi Nahas, stated that everyone’s ideas contribute to the innovations that connect new healthcare treatments to those who need them the most. The company empowers its members by giving them the tools and resources they need to meet challenges and champion solutions. 

J&J Employee benefits include on-site health services, transgender-related healthcare, exercise reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, flexible work, 8-week parental leave, and even pet insurance!

We want to be the world’s healthiest workforce and our goal is to lead by example. We have healthfinance, and lifestyle diversity benefits tailored to the stages of life and what is most meaningful to our clients. We want Chapman students to be part of the next breakthrough and next innovation for us. This means bringing those that fresh ideas, your perspective, your unique capabilities on-board Nahas shared with the (virtual) crowd.

“There are so many different types of jobs, so many industries from marketing to quality to several other areas. 134,000 types of jobs are out there. So, there are different markets for any passion that you have. Take the time to research and network and understand what type of opportunities are out there for you,” Gerianne said. 


You can build a valuable career path with J&J through: 

Explore and apply to internships and job opportunities on the Johnson & Johnson careers webpage and check out all that J&J has to offer locally on their California Careers webpage.

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  • InternshipsWhen you intern at J&J, you will have the chance to work on vital projects and apply your skills in a supportive and creative environment. 
  • Fulltime opportunities: J&J has entry-level roles and can bring people in straight away as full-time hires to advance their work in the health sector. 
  • Leadership development programs: This provides you with exposure and hands-on experience to develop leadership and communication skills and also broaden your understanding of concepts related to your area of interest.

What to keep in mind when applying to J&J 

“What you’re doing every single day in college, your project work and assignments with team members– don’t take any of it for granted. They are all strengthening how you work with different personalities, how you communicate your presentation skills and how you build your networking, that’s important when you get into a corporate arena.” — Gerianne Sarte, Global Head of HR 

“Students need to decide what they want to do. And the beauty in J&J is that we are open to dimension. The company allows you to start wherever you choose, and you can evolve in your career that way. We want to see people that are willing to take a challenge, willing to educate themselves, willing to work extremely well together in a collaborative way with their colleagues” — Shlomi Nachman, Company Group Chairman

Missed the live event featuring J&J executives? Watch the event recording here on-demand.

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Watch the event recording on-demand