Mary Corse

Untitled, Mary Corse, 1986. Oil on canvas with glass microbeads. Gift of Jerome and Irene Barr.

You know Dali and Monet and Warhol and Matisse,
you know Pollock, Picasso and Rembrandt and O’Keeffe,
But do you recall,
The most subtle painting of all?

Untitled by Mary Corse
Was a very abstract piece
And if you ever saw it
You would even say, “oh geez!”

All of the other paintings
Used to laugh and call it names
They never let Untitled
Join in any painting games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
The Escalettes came to say,
Untitled with your canvas so bright,
Won’t you join our collection tonight?

Then how the Escalette paintings
Welcomed the work with glee,
Untitled by Mary Corse
You’ll go down in Chapman history!

Mary Corse

Happy holidays from the Art Collections!
Untitled by Mary Corse is on view on the third floor of Beckman Hall (Christmas accoutrements not included).

Lyrics and Photoshop by Manon Wogahn and Jessica Bocinski.