Global Communication student and School of Communication Student Advisory Board Member, Lisa Matsui, is contemplating answers to SoC student questions!

College. It’s that chapter of life when we think we must suddenly have the answers to everything. With the plethora of expectations that comes with #adulting, it can be quite overwhelming to approach such a drastic life shift; believe me, I was that anxious mess. However, as a current sophomore looking back on her first year at Chapman, I can assure you that you will be in a supportive, loving community of Panthers, with lots to look forward to!

Here are some School of Communication Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully dispel some of that collegiate paranoia and allow you to enjoy your transition to college:

Hi Lisa,
When applying to Chapman, I signed up for this Communications major. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing and I have trouble explaining this major to my parents. What even is this study, anyway?
-Pete the Panther

Well, Pete, let me kindly correct you and say that many of your professors would much rather you say Communication Studies! The term “Communications” emphasizes a media-based study, whereas Communication Studies is general, covering levels such as relational (Interpersonal: COM110), mediated (Mass: COM151), and everything in between! Meanwhile the SCC major, or Strategic and Corporate Communication, focuses on the message design and persuasive elements of communication; Communication and SCC majors will overlap in some of their course requirements. This will become much more clear when you begin taking your first classes in the School of Communication. Regardless of the communication major you choose, our overall goal remains the same; to develop the skills needed to analyze our audience so that we may convey the best, most effective response. This is something that all employers (and graduate programs) value! Hope you find what you’re looking for! -Lisa

Dear Lisa,
I’ve just finished putting together my class schedule, but I want to make sure I’m taking the right classes! Is there a way I can keep my courses and credits in check?


Advisor and student meeting in office

SoC Program Advisors Mr. Bartosh (210 Doti), Dr. Bejerano (211 Doti), or Dr. Weber (203 Doti) can help you navigate that intimidating Program Evaluation.

Hi Distressed,

A lot of the course information you seek will be on your Program Evaluation. Once you go to, click Student Center, and under the Academics section you’ll find a pull-down menu that says “other academic…”; click that, and you’ll find the selection for Program Evaluation. Your Program Eval is the Holy Grail of sorts, in that it will keep you updated on how many credits you have, how many more you need to take, and what courses are required of you within your GE and major. As SoC students, you will be required to add to your major area of study either a
second major, minor, or cluster (lessening the amount of required credits per minor so that those who want to cram in two minors may do so). This helps to concentrate your study a little more, so you’ll have a better idea of how you might apply your communication discoveries out in the real world! -Lisa

Dear Lisa,
I’m entering as an SCC major, and I want to make sure I take the right amount of credits so that I can graduate on time. I’d like to start up a retail brand or something right after I get that diploma. Anyway, how do I go about strategizing my credits and keeping track of the credits I need to take?
-Kylie Jenner

Solid question, Kylie; it’s a great idea to hit the ground running! In terms of strategizing your four years, I’d recommend checking in with your advisors every now and then to develop a four-year plan. As a SoC student, you can visit any of our three advisors; Dr. Weber, Dr. Bejerano, and Mr. Bartosh (regardless of who you are assigned in There will be an advisor every afternoon on the second floor of Doti Hall, and they’re all so kind, any one of them would be happy to aid you with all sorts of advice! Throughout the year, there will also be plenty of advising events available, where you can ask the School of Communication anything regarding internships, careers, courses; you name it. Best of luck! -Lisa

Dear Lisa,

I haven’t the slightest clue with what Residence/Dorm Life will be like, what can I expect?

As long as you respect your RA, neighbors, and living space, the year should go smoothly for you. The residents on your floor are most likely going to be in the same major as you, so if you ever have questions about class or need a group of people to study with, your peers will be conveniently located close to your dorm. (Even more so, make sure to respect your neighbors; you don’t want to anger any classmates or potential project group members!) Every week, a Fenestra Community Advisor (FCA) will be at the lobby of your hall, ready with snacks and just a space to chat or answer any COM/college/life questions. The first-year living experience is definitely unique to the rest of your career at Chapman, so cherish that special time you have with quality company! Go Panthers! -Lisa


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