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The Unexpected and Unforgettable Semester We Got This!

May 12, 2020 by | Students

I remember signing up for Spring 2020 classes last November thinking, “Wow, this is going to be a busy semester but I have the perfect schedule!” If only I had known… Getting back from my Peace Communication course in Costa Rica over interterm with my 15 perfectly planned units waiting for me I knew I

How Do You Blend Language, Culture, and Communication Theory? Sarina Welsh's Journey Through the Global Communication and World Languages Major

March 13, 2020 by | Students

My name is Sarina Welsh and I’d like to share my experience with the Global Communication and World Languages program. In the Global Communication and World Languages major, students pursue fluency in a chosen language while infusing their course of study with communication theory and research. Coming into college, I had an interest in Italian

Still Storytelling Student Advisory Board Spotlight: Sara Morgan '22

January 15, 2020 by | Students

Sara Morgan is a Communication Studies major and member of the School of Communication Student Advisory Board. The SAB advocates for the needs of students in the SoC by serving as the student voice to the administration and generating and implementing programs and initiatives designed to enhance the student experience within the School. Have questions,

School of Communication Career and Professional Development Center FAQ

January 10, 2020 by | Students

One of the most amazing parts of Chapman University is the Career and Professional Development Center. From mock interviews to resume review, the Career and Professional Development Center at Chapman is a great resource to help students and alumni find jobs and stay connected. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you

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