My name is Leia Batula, and I am a senior at the School of Communication, majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Creative and Cultural Industries. This past semester, I delved into the world of social media and marketing through an internship at Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop (PTDW), a local dance studio in my hometown of Davis, California.

PTDW Instagram Original

My search for an internship was driven by a desire to blend my passions for the arts, media, and creativity. I applied to a wide variety of internships in search of the perfect fit. However, it was a proactive step – a direct email to the studio owner – that landed me this internship. By articulating my interests and visions for the social media presence of PTDW, I had the privilege of helping shape my internship at the studio.

My days at the internship were different every day, filled with a variety of responsibilities. From creating engaging content for platforms like Instagram and Facebook to establishing a consistent posting schedule and introducing fresh marketing strategies, I bolstered the studio’s online presence. I also had the opportunity to work at the front office, which provided me with insights into the studio’s operations and improved my customer service and communication skills. Throughout my internship, I attended and presented updates at weekly staff meetings, which also helped foster my collaboration, public speaking, and communication skills.

PTDW Brand Identity Moodboard

Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop had yet to fully explore and utilize the potential of social media marketing, making my role even more impactful and crucial. Together with the staff, I began on a journey to establish an authentic online identity for the studio. Early during my internship, I inquired about the staff’s perceptions of the studio by asking how they would define PTDW through colors, adjectives, and overarching studio messaging. Utilizing their insights and information, I then curated a mood board that served as a visual representation of the studio, guiding our social media marketing aesthetics. This experience not only honed my social media marketing skills but also taught me the importance of adaptability and creativity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Beyond the technical skills acquired, my internship journey offered invaluable lessons in time management, work-life balance, and how to thrive in a team environment. By navigating deadlines and juggling tasks, I improved my organizational skills. By collaborating with the staff at PTDW, I enriched my communication and collaboration skills.

PTDW Rebranded Instagram

As I reflect on my internship experience, I am grateful for the opportunity to apply everything that I have learned at the School of Communication to real-world challenges and experiences. My internship has been a journey of growth, learning, and discovery, reaffirming my passion for the intersection of communication, creativity, and media.