Business Operations Analyst at CBRE, Mitch Halbert (SCC’17)  took time out of his busy schedule to share information about his career and how his education assisted him along the way.

What is your job description?

I analyze monthly department budget reports to maintain expense controls. From there I then prepare commentary and explanation of variances for management to review. Also, I assist in systems administration for specialized software utilized by the business group to support its operations. Following-up and troubleshooting to ensure open issues are resolved with both internal and external clients is another part of my job. Finally, I review and monitor department processes and procedures to identify opportunities to improve service delivery to clients.

What kind of previous work or internship experience did you have?

I worked as an Athletics Assistant and Lifeguard under Work Study where I scheduled and rectified co-workers and management. I also worked as an Operations and Logistics Intern for a shipping and moving company. I would run a ground-level analysis of branch equipment inspections, financial statistics, and productivity that resulted in continued branch wide accomplishments. I also organized branch operations, led and managed crew of over 30 employees.

Did your Chapman University education benefit your career?

My professional career has benefited tremendously due to my education at Chapman. When talking to colleagues, clients, and management I utilize the various communication skills and understanding that I learned from my SoC classes. A large and important part of my job is being an effective communicator, and what has helped me in that role was Chapman’s School of Communication.

Any advice for current Chapman University students?

Stay actively engaged. By listening, sharing, and acquiring knowledge, information, and experiences you are simultaneously improving not only yourself, but others too.