Cesar Zuniga is a Communication Studies major and member of the School of Communication Student Advisory Board. The SAB advocates for the needs of students in the SoC by serving as the student voice to the administration and generating and implementing programs and initiatives designed to enhance the student experience within the School. Have questions, concerns, or ideas about the student experience in the School of Communication? Let him know!

My name is Cesar Zuniga and I am a communication studies major with an interdisciplinary cluster in business and economics. I am from Orange County, Ca, which makes my commute to school extremely fast and easy. Being from this area, I always knew that Chapman was where I wanted to end up and one day graduate from. Let’s be honest, when you’ve got pretty much everything you need right here in SoCal such as perfect weather, beaches, mountains, and plenty more, who would want to move away for college? Not me. I originally started off as a business administration major, but after some time and a lot of thinking, I realized that it wasn’t something I was passionate about. I then looked at other options and ended up switching over to communication studies and dropped my business major to a cluster, which I completed last semester.

Me at the Beach!

From the start of my new major, I have enjoyed all of my classes such as Intro to Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Theories of Persuasion and many more. But without a doubt, my favorite thus far has been Com 295 Research Methods with professor Hannah Ball. Having heard from several people about how this was one of the more difficult classes required in the School of Communication, I was a bit hesitant and decided to take it over the summer.

The fact that this tough course was compacted into six short weeks and many assignments, quizzes, exams, and a research study, professor Ball made sure to help us until we knew the material like the back of our hand. Definitely one of the most challenging classes I have taken, but also the most rewarding. I came out of this class with a new perspective and understanding of what communication studies really is and the way it works. It got me excited about looking forward to my future career, in what I hope will be in public affairs/relations within entertainment or law. This is one of the reasons why I applied to serve on the Student Advisory Board.

My friends and I at the Cesar Chavez Day of Service

I want to help prospective, new, and current students find their best fit within the School of Communication and make sure they feel comfortable along the way. When it comes to choosing a major, it can be quite scary, especially if you are unsure of what career you would like to have one day. Thankfully Chapman helps make that process a bit less painful and more reassuring. Because we are a smaller school, we get to interact with so many more people, build relationships that will last a lifetime, and at the same time, help us grow.

College is a time for us to learn about ourselves, set and establish goals, and begin building our path towards a greater future. I am excited to see what this year has in store for me and all of us on campus and hope that everyone finds their voice and passion along the way.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can email me at czuniga@chapman.edu

My Best,