What is your job description? 

Kasey took me to visit her manufacturer to show me where all the magic happens in creating the product.

Working at Kasey Blue Kids, I am a marketing and social media intern. I have been managing and creating content for their social media platforms, including both Facebook and Instagram. I have conducted market research and analysis of promotions, advertisements, sales and have even assisted in photoshoot production and pop-up shops. With the use of Facebook Ads Analysis, I curated promotions and advertisements of products and then analyzed engagement and sales data from those ads.

What kind of previous work or internship experience did you have?

This being my first internship, the only experience that I had was from marketing classes I took when I was at Orange Coast College and from working my own social media. In my first ever marketing class, we created a marketing plan for Downtown Santa Ana’s Market Place. We curated a lot of data regarding demographics, geographics, and psychographics based on the market research we conducted. It was a great first experience in the marketing world and made me fall in love with it! As with social media, I am super passionate about fashion and have used social media, Instagram specifically, to learn more regarding the tools it has and about fashion itself. Having all this experience has helped immensely in pursuing my internship now!

Did your Chapman University education benefit your career?   

A picture of my favorite professor who taught Mass Communications, Brian Calle, and me. He’s probably the most entertaining person I’ve met and taught me the most valuable information and skillsets

My Chapman education has helped quite a bit in my internship! My Introduction to Strategic and Corporate  Communication course and my Mass Communication course have helped me the most with marketing and networking skills. SCC has gone into depth with marketing tactics, how to generate a marketing plan and techniques that I have been able to apply to my internship. The most helpful was learning how to figure out your target audience. With Kasey Blue Kids, I was able to use the skills I learned and create a solid target audience for her. By doing this, we were able to generate a genuine audience that we could target with social media to increase sales. In my Mass Communication course, I practiced a lot of networking which in turn gave me the ability and confidence to talk to almost anyone about anything. Applying this skill set to Kasey Blue Kids, I was able to network with new customers and add to creating a genuine target audience.

Any advice for current Chapman University students?

As someone who just transferred this semester, I am still learning more about Chapman University every day. However, I do highly recommend using the Career and Professional Development Office for absolutely any help you need. They provide services in things like resume building, mock interviews and much more. Also, talk to your professors! They’ve gone through the exact same process you’re going through right now and have an assortment of advice to give you that could benefit you a lot. My last piece of advice would be to get an internship early and as many possible within your time at Chapman. This is advice I’ve heard from numerous professionals and it does benefit you immensely. Just by having my first internship, I’ve learned so much and have grown as a working professional. In fact, I was even able to attain a second internship coming up this spring. By gaining as much experience as possible, you will be learning a variety of different skills and information.