Meghan Grace is an author, podcaster, speaker, and researcher currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Vanderbilt University. She graduated with a B.A. in communication studies and a minor in leadership studies. Her research and writing is focused on Gen Z. Below she talks about her Chapman experience and how her degree has helped her along the way. If you want to connect with Meghan you can find her on LinkedIn.

What is the name of the organization where you are currently employed?

Vanderbilt University/Plaid, LLC.

What is your job title?

Researcher/Author/Speaker/Doctoral Student

What does your job entail?

I’m a higher education professional and currently pursuing my doctoral degree in higher education leadership and policy. I focus my efforts on strategic initiatives, special projects, and assessment and research in higher education. I am also a generational researcher, author, and speaker focusing on Generation Z. I have conducted two studies on Generation Z and have co-authored three books on the topic. I also host a podcast that is about sharing the stories and experiences of members of Generation Z.

Tell us about your internship experience during your time at Chapman.

I interned for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation my senior year and served in an event planning support role. I also served in a variety of campus employment roles (Academic Advising, Office of Greek Life, and Student and Campus Life).

Why did you choose Chapman University and the School of Communication?

I chose Chapman for the small school atmosphere, as well as the abundance of opportunities available for students. I studied in the School of Communication because I found the topics so relevant and broadly applicable to a variety of fields. I found the utility of my courses spanned into multiple areas of involvement and interest.

How has your School of Communication degree benefited you in your career?

My research on Generation Z includes their preferences in communication behaviors and mediums, as well as the role that social media plays in their life. My interest in the area of communication and social media began while at Chapman.

What advice do you have for undergraduate students or recent graduates?

Take advantage of the incredible opportunities at Chapman, both in and out of the classroom. Find ways to bridge your studies to your personal and professional life. Spend time getting to know your faculty members, as they may become lifelong mentors.