Christine Lim is a Strategic and Corporate Communication major and member of the School of Communication Student Advisory Board. The SAB advocates for the needs of students in the SoC by serving as the student voice to the administration and generating and implementing programs and initiatives designed to enhance the student experience within the School. Have questions, concerns, or ideas about the student experience in the School of Communication? Let her know! 

Ever since I was young, I loved to talk. Just talk about anything. I loved telling stories, doing impersonations, and creating small talk with anyone that I encountered. I always considered myself an extrovert. That is, until I entered a whole new environment where I didn’t know a single soul.

I spent most of my childhood in the U.S.’ friendly northern neighbor, Canada. I grew up in Toronto but suddenly had to pick up my life and to move to Cupertino, California, in the middle of high school. Starting over was daunting, to say the least. But during my junior year, I forced myself to join a dance club on campus.

I had never formally learned to dance, but I had always loved it. For years, I practiced alone in my bedroom in front of the mirror. Although I may not be the best dancer, dancing in front of my whole school gave me this newfound confidence. I started to enjoy the thrill of being surrounded by so many peers. This led me to join Chapman Twilight in college, where I can continue my passion for dance. And with my new mindset of challenging myself and thrusting myself into new experiences, I joined Asian Pacific Student Association and applied for the School of Communication Student Advisory Board.

Through immersing myself in collaborative environments during high school, I’ve confirmed my desire to pursue a career with human interaction. I initially applied as a Sociology major, but at Chapman’s Preview Day, I looked into the School of Communication for a potential minor. After hearing the advisor talk about Strategic and Corporate Communication, it was like love at first sight. I just knew that it was the perfect major for me. Growing up in the generation of new media, I’ve always been fascinated by social media, large corporations, influencers, and how people are shaped by messaging from these entities. My classes in the program so far have proved very applicable to my understanding of the real world and have solidified my interest in the entertainment industry. 

My short glimpse of life at Chapman has been incredibly rewarding. With the support of my professors who are open-minded and approachable, I’ve fostered kindred and friendly relationships with them. The close-knit atmosphere at Chapman has allowed me to be more comfortable in my classrooms and has helped me build confidence in my academic abilities.

Although I’m not the same girl I was when I first moved to California, I am still trying to figure out and navigate my crazy life like everyone else. To this day, I can still feel my heart race and my body tense up as I try to approach unfamiliar people and create small talk, but I definitely feel more comfortable and confident than before. I am excited to grow with others and impart the lessons I have learned through my new endeavor as a member of the Student Advisory Board in the School of Communication.