One of the most amazing parts of Chapman University is the Career and Professional Development Center. From mock interviews to resume review, the Career and Professional Development Center at Chapman is a great resource to help students and alumni find jobs and stay connected. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you understand how to best use the Career and Professional Development Center resources.

Can an internship required for another major count as the required internship for the SoC majors?

You must complete an internship in the School of Communication in order to fulfill the Internship requirement. If you are required to complete an internship in a second major or minor, you will need to do two internships.

When is the best time to do an internship?

You can complete at any point during your time at Chapman. There isn’t a right or wrong time that is advised, just what works for each student’s personal preferences and schedules. Internships can also take place over summer break.

Where do I go for resume and cover letter help?

The Career and Professional Development Center can help with resume and cover letter. You can make an appointment by calling (714) 997-6942.

On the Career and Professional Development Center’s website, they also have templates and tips for resumes and cover letters.

How often should I use or check Linkedin?

Depending on where you are in your job search, it could be important to be checking LinkedIn as much as once per day. If you are actively looking for a job/internship checking listings and messages everyday could benefit you. If you aren’t actively looking, checking Linkedin periodically can be helpful to keep your information updated.

The School of Communication has a LinkedIn group where they post internship and job opportunities, all students are encouraged to join this group. The Career and Professional Development Center also has a LinkedIn account you should follow.

Can you participate in an internship abroad?

There are a variety of global internships offered through Chapman University and can be found through the Global Engagement Center. You can see International Internships available to Chapman students here. Students in the School of Communication can get credit for completing internships all over the world-from Prague to New Zealand and Shanghai to Santiago!

What should I upload to Handshake?

Handshake is similar to a resume or online portfolio. Upload your past work and internship experiences as well as extracurriculars and leadership positions on campus. Anything that fits appropriately on your resume and LinkedIn profile also belong on Handshake. The Career and Professional Development Center can also give advice on these topics.

Where can I see previous international internships to see what has been offered before?

Through the Center for Global Education, you are able to find a variety of international internships. Students in the School of Communication have have completed internships around the world.

How do I apply for internship credit?

There is a great deal of information available about the process for registering an internship for credit on the Career and Professional Development Website. You apply for internship credit through Chapman’s website. You will need to have a site supervisor (the person who serves as your supervisor on-site during the internship) as well as a faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor must be a full-time faculty member in the School of Communication.

How do I ensure I have time for an internship and a full course load during the semester?

When you are completing an internship for credit, this is part of your regular course load. For example, if you are taking four courses on campus (for 12 credits) and you add an internship, you will be enrolled in 15 credits for the semester. You are required to do 120 hours of work for a 3 credit hour internship. In other words, think of the internship as one more course you are adding to your schedule.

How do I hold interviews with mock employers?

The Career and Professional Development Center offers an online program (InterviewStream) where you can film yourself answering pre-determined questions by the program. Your responses can be reviewed with the career development center where you can get advice and feedback. There are also Mock Interview events in various fields held at the Career and Professional Development Center throughout the semester. Have questions about interviewing in general? The Career and Professional Development Center can help! Contact them or stop by the office at 342 N. Glassell to ask questions or schedule an appointment!


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