Delightful. That is the first word that comes to mind after successfully completing my internship at ListReports, a real estate marketing platform. I am Claudia De La Macorra, majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication with a double minor in Sociology and Entrepreneurship. I am in my last semester at Chapman and I had the privilege of interning with such a wonderful company and team. Working at a startup has allowed me to remain nimble as I am constantly tackling multiple projects with various people working collaboratively to achieve a goal. I have been trusted with responsibilities and projects of high impact that have a direct effect on the company and its clients. ListReports helped me to feel like I am part of the team. The employees here understand that culture is what creates a business, we live and breathe for the client, more specifically to delight them, which is exactly what we are doing. 

ListReports provides an amazing internship program where their interns get to interact in valuable workshops, meetings, and activities. Through the workshops I have learned about emotional intelligence, how to apologize, financial plans, time management and getting ahead and health benefits. These workshops added to my understanding of how important it is to know how to spend your money wisely, time management, balancing my everyday activities, and understanding my emotions. Being a college student comes with many responsibilities and it is the first time we, as young adults, become independent. These workshops went over the importance of having a financial plan, where to start, and even how to be smart about your financial road-map to carry you through retirement life. 

My background in Strategic and Corporate Communication has given me the tools to excel at my internship by empowering me to add value and go beyond what is expected of me. Many of my classes at Chapman taught me how crucial it is for a company to learn about customers and market dynamics. This is something I enacted and mastered at ListReports through the use of different research techniques and the use of strategic and persuasive messages. I’m grateful I chose to intern at ListReports because it is a company that pushes me to explore and push myself out of my comfort zone. I first arrived at the company thinking it would be a regular internship, where I would just get real world experience and go out and buy my boss coffee. However, ListReports has proven over and over to be more than just a job, but a place where I feel at home.